These are all the different

Live Entertainment options we offer:


Solo Acoustic – Rich Solo Acoustic

1500 song repertoire featuring Request Books, casual party atmosphere.  Multi instrumental sound using looping technology. For more information about Rich, click here.


Acoustic Duo – 2 options

Drums– Solo acoustic concept featuring live drums.  This is a great option for clients seeking an affordable choice for a great band.  Rich plays guitar and bass simultaneously with a drummer.

Percussion– This is more of a laid back feel with drums being substituted by percussion.



The classic Power Trio: Guitar, Drums and Bass.  Rich can play Electric or Acoustic depending on the desired vibe.


Full Band- Party Dance Band

Instrumentation is Vocal/Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drums.  Huge songlist from 60’s – today.  Emphasis is on proper material for the audience and a great party atmosphere.


DJ- Rich Solo

Any feel is possible from hip hop to techno to classic.  Requests possible- unlimited songlist as Rich subscribes to an online database.


Karaoke- Rich Solo

State of the art Karaoke with an unlimited song list.  Run off of a laptop, it’s a high tech version of standard karaoke.  Rich subscribes to an online karaoke database and is able to download any karaoke and DJ songs on the spot.


Karaoke / DJ– Rich Solo

This is an exciting hybrid of karaoke and DJ music. Either can take focus depending on the situation- a few DJ tracks, a few singers, etc.


Full Band (Rockstar) Karaoke

The newest in interactive entertainment.  As popularized in Las Vegas, New York and Chicago, this is karaoke with a full backup band.  We provide the songlist and lyrics.  We are the only band doing this in West Michigan


Rockstar Karaoke Unplugged

The latest offshoot of the Rockstar Karaoke phenomenon, this is an unplugged version featuring Rich and another musician-guitar, bass, or percussion.